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 JMAC was established in 2007 as the Japan Microarray Consortium, and has now changed its name to the Japan bio Measurement & Analysis Consortium, aiming to support the industrialization of a wider range of biotechnologies and to contribute to the commercialization of industries in various fields such as multiplex genetic testing, nucleic acid synthesis, database and regenerative medicine, as well as microarrays.

 Since its establishment, JMAC has been working on international standardization and the development of standard materials under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to promote cooperation among Japanese companies and to enable them to compete in international markets under fair rules, with the aim of contributing to industry promotion and market creation.

 We have already contributed to the development of four published standards in ISO and are still involved in the development of international standards in many related fields. By continuing these activities, we support the formation of international rules in the biotechnology industry for the benefit of national interests and industry. As expectations for the development of these inspection technologies increase, the issue of testing quality control has emerged in the development of safe and secure testing.

 Biometric technology is directly linked to the industrialization of testing. A good example is the recent rapid commercialization of COVID-19 testing technology. Testing technologies directly affect people’s food, clothing, and housing, such as GMO testing in the food sector and cancer gene testing in the clinical medicine sector. While attention to these technologies is increasing, the issue of quality control for testing is being questioned in order to develop safe and reliable tests.

 JMAC is working on international standardization activities related to new testing technologies and industry support while incorporating issues and necessary measures related to testing quality control.

 For many years, Japan has formed an industry characterized by “monozukuri” (manufacturing), but now additional elements are needed. Biometric technology is a complex industry that consists not only of manufacturing devices and materials, but also of integrating various technologies and measures, and we expect that this is a technological field in which Japan can take the lead in the future.

 JMAC will continue to contribute to the promotion of the industrialization of biotechnologies through supporting activities with a medium- to long-term perspective, including international standardization activities, in order to bring excellent products created in Japan to the global market.

 September 2022,

 Hitoshi Nobumasa, Ph.D.
 Chairman of Japan bio Measurement & Analysis Consortium
 (Senior Director / General Manager, New Frontiers Research Laboratories,
 Toray Industries, Inc.)