Chairman’s message

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JMAC, originally short for “Japan Multiplex bio-Analysis Consortium”, was established as a biochip industry association in 2007, and has been active for the past decade focusing on the standardization of biochip technologies. Our recent expeditions have not been limited to biochips, vigorously spanning the biotechnology field. And this time we will be reborn as “Japan bio Measurement & Analysis Consortium”.

In JMAC, more than 40 companies including major companies that provide entire platforms ranging from biochip devices to measuring equipment, companies that provide materials and processing technologies for products such as plastic, oligo DNA manufacturers that provide short DNA fragments that are key components of nucleic acid testing using instruments such as multiplex PCR and microarrays, IT venture companies and consulting companies are gathered together. Covering a wide range of biotechnology fields such as food inspection, medical and pharmaceutical fields, health and prevention fields, and environmental fields, the companies engage in various activities such as business matching with a focus on technology standardization.

As an example of our fruitful outcomes, the activities of ISO international standards development that had been running since our establishment have reached its goal; in November 2013 we achieved the issuance of the first international standard concerning biochip measurement called ISO 16578. Recently, we have expanded the scope of our activities to multiple fields, and have been actively developing international standardization activities in several related technical committees including ISO/TC 34/SC 16 (Subcommittee for Horizontal methods for molecular biomarker analysis) in the food products field, ISO/TC 212 (Technical Committee for Clinical laboratory testing and in vitro diagnostic test systems) in the medical field, and ISO/TC 276 (Technical Committee for Biotechnology) which widely develops standards in the biotechnology field.

Also, in the past few years, there have been a large number of proposals for the standardization of bio-related nanotechnologies in ISO/TC 229. JMAC has also just initiated a proposal from Japan. Many member companies of JMAC specialize in the field of nanotechnology, and we feel the strength of their interests. We anticipate vibrant discussions in the future.

No technology may undergo industrialization without standards as the basis. Hand in hand with the member companies, and also by cooperating with industry, academia and government, JMAC intends to continue strengthening its functions for information aggregation and transmission. JMAC pledges to advance the international standards development as a social infrastructure for bio-industry development. We are committed to working harder than ever to further activate the bio industry of our nation.
We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

Dr. Shiro Saito (Toshiba Corporation)
Chairman of Japan bio Measurement & Analysis Consortium